Sunday, August 17, 2014

Motivasi pagi Isnin.

Participants struggle to reach the prizes during a greased-pole climbing competition held as a part of the independence day celebrations in Jakarta, Indonesia. 
Hanya kesatuan yang kukuh mencapai kejayaan...

Assalamualaikum, pagi Isnin yang mencabar...bangun kerja...kerja..
Siapa cepat dia dapat...apa juga kejayaan yang kita ingini secara individu juga perseorangan memerlukan kerjasama.
Teamwork...kerja berpasukan..
"No man is an Island" "don't live in a silo" 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

No Food, No Water, No Problem For Muslim

The Fasting 5K: No Food, No Water, No Problem For Muslim Runners

Runners form a human bridge at the finish line to cheer fellow racers. Participants completed a 3-mile loop around the National Mall — without food or water since sunrise.

With the sun lingering on the horizon and the Capitol in the distance, runner after runner completed a 3-mile loop around the National Mall and was met with cheers and high-fives. Standing in two parallel lines with hands outstretched, the crowd of mostly 20-somethings formed a celebratory human bridge for their fellow runners to pass under as they crossed the finish line.

In five cities across America on Saturday — D.C., Boston, New York, Houston and Huntington Beach in Southern California — runners wearing bright red t-shirts with the words "Fasting 5K" raced to the finish line at sunset. Tired and thirsty, they were still full of energy.

"The best part about it is just running with everyone," says Nasif Ahmed, 23, a recent graduate of the University of Maryland. "You know you've got some partners along with you, and towards the end it's just really gratifying."

But unlike most races, there was no carbo-loading or chugging water before this 5K: All of the runners were fasting for Ramadan. During this holy month, observant Muslims refrain from eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset.

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Using pee an "au natural" again toxic chemical fertilizer.

Should We Return The Nutrients In Our Pee Back To The Farm? 

Let me guess how you feel about your urine: Get that smelly stuff away from me as fast as possible?
A small group of environmentalists in Vermont isn't as squeamish. Instead of flushing their pee down the drain, they're collecting it with special toilets that separate No. 1 and No. 2.
Then they're pooling the urine of the 170 volunteers in the pilot project (a quart or so, per person, daily) and eventually giving it to a farmer, who's putting it on her hay fields in place of synthetic fertilizer. The goal is to collect 6,000 gallons this year.
The logic driving this avant-garde project of the , based in Brattleboro, Vt., is that it's foolish and wasteful to part with the precious nitrogen and phosphorus that moves from the food we eat right through us — especially when farmers have to buy fertilizer at great expense to put those very same nutrients back into the soil.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Serenading the cattle with trombone..

Farmer Plays Lorde’s ‘Royals’ Till the Cows Come Home This farmer has udderly moo-ving musical talents.
Farmer Derek Klingenberg serenades his cattle by playing the pop hit “Royals” by Lorde on his trombone. The dulcet tones of his brassy instrument call his cows from clear across the horizon for an all-bovine concert.”


Kitchens are now worth showing off
 Brands are responding with stylish, practical and individual designs. For the style-savvy, the look, feel and functionality of the kitchen is becoming increasingly important. No longer is the...

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China's mega-rich

Superyachts the latest prestige purchase for China's mega-rich


 With a fortune made in Chinese finance, Li Wang already has six cars, including a Bentley and a Porsche, and now has his eye on his next multimillionaires' toy: a boat. And not just any boat.